Naked Gay Yoga

Into being nude and into yoga? Nake gay yoga classes are springing up in most of the major cities throughout the USA and Europe. Yoga was designed to be done in the nude and it is not only for the soul and the body it is also highly sensous. Being in a hot class with only gay men is almost as perfect as it gets. Funny thing is that many naked gay yoga classes are attracting staight guys which I beleive makes these classes even more exciting to take. This blog will be my take on the subject and about some of the things that turn me on like seeing men at the beach wearing tiny micro swimsuits and me wearing spandex fetish wear. Hey we all have something going on.



Mens swimwear and sexwear


Naked gay yoga and spandex sex wear a nice mix by cock gear

Naked gay yoga and spandex sex wear a nice mix by

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